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About This Site

This site was created by Tom "slowbro" Batchelor as a way to place as many katamari game videos in one place as possible. It is meant to appeal to people who have never played katamari, to new katamari players looking for help, and to katamari veterans looking for advanced strategy, hence the wide variety of video types. This site will never look snazzy or be well-organized, it's just meant to serve a simple purpose.

Discuss The Games Or The Videos

This site has no message board. If you wish to discuss the videos found on this site, or if you want to talk about the katamari series in general, feel free to drop on by a really neat katamari message board run by vix that Tom used to frequent,

Contacting Tom

He (I) apologizes, but Tom is spending very little time online right now, not checking his e-mail, and not visiting any of his favorite Internet stomping grounds (not even Katamari on the Web, his very favorite website). He needed a change.

It would probably be hard to get in contact with Tom at all right now. But Tom is still alive and kickin' :S :) (but not playing any katamari right now).

(This was updated February 24, 2012. Tom noticed this page badly needed to be updated :) )

(Tom enjoys writing about himself in the third person, by the way.)

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