We Want Kat Videos!
We Want Cat Videos!

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I recently bought a newer digital camera, and discovered that it takes videos too! :)
Here are a few of my short videos (on YouTube).
(update 2013: The newest video(s) on this page were taken with an iPad.)

Kitty Feeding Frenzy (extra low video quality)
Smokey (dirty surroundings, yuk!)
Ladybug and Corn - no cats :(
Feeding Hot Dogs to the Farm Cats
Okami cats (well they're not exactly mine :P)
Farm Cats (and dog <3)
Running with Mew
hear Mewy purring (audio)
Cat and Pikachu Pictures on our Wall
Cal (and sorry, you see me a little)
Petting Fmeck
Puff and Smokey
The Tiny Tibby
Tibby and the Vacuum Cleaner (kind of funny)
Two Orange Cats Beg for Food
Farm Dog and Cats in Winter
Farm Kittens 2008
Everybody Loves the Fishing Cat

Here are some slideshows showing photos of our kitties:

photo slideshow 1
Smokey purring
Mewy purring
Poof purring
Cal purring
Fishing Cat purring
2013 kitty slideshow

I'm sure you will notice I'm not a professional photographer, heh heh.

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